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"Create a Club" is an exciting Concept in party themes:
It's an Incredible New Class of Club!

After a day full of meetings, seminars, and trade shows, why charter a bus or take a taxi half way across town? Instead, create a convivial nightspot for your group right where you're staying. From high energy and frenetic to low key and cool, your custom club theme is no more than a click or a call away.scrimrty Peop

As your Event Production Company, we'll create the club theme that caters to the movers and shakers, star performers, and "celebrities" in your group. Our club packages include your club's décor, custom live entertainment, and music…the setting, the sights, and the sounds! We'll design it, plan it, and deliver it! 

Theme Parties - Party Planning from sets to centerpieces.

Swing Club -
Featuring big band sounds and club decor right out of the 30s and 40s.
Party Planning - dance bands, big bands, party many choices!
  Club Texas -
The Country Club...

It's a little bit of Texas Entertainment and a little bit of heaven, all in the same exciting club. Mechanical Bulls…Line Dancing…for all your Urban Cowboys.
Theme Party - our entertainers will encourage Audience Participation
  Club Flashback -
Retro reigns! Pick an era or style of music; we'll flash you back in time…40s, 50s, disco, Motown, …buckle up, dude!
Party & Event Planners - 50s parties, disco parties, motown parties...retro rules!
  Sports Club -
Fun & Games
...a great combination! 100s of games to choose from ...We'll help you design the perfect sports club theme package!
Themed Events - Sports Bar, Sports Club - fun & games, crowd participation
  Club Energy
The bass is thumpin'…The lights are flashin'…The crowd's dancin' to the sounds of hip hop, soul, and funk.
Party Planning & Design: You provide the people; we'll provide all the rest!
  Club Kool -
A lower decibel hangout…dark and hip…jazzy.
Theme Party: cool jazz, martini bar, easy conversation
  Club Karaoke
Casual and carefree…Your crowd carries on onstage!
Party Planners - for your Party Animals!

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